Divine Discussions with Divine Destini

Divine Discussions with Spiritual Advisor and Tarot Reader, Divine Destini are raw and authentic. Destini poses questions that promote healing, elevation, and transformation. She presents the audience with discussions that will lead them forward on the journey of self-discovery, self-realization, and self-actualization. Destini uses her intuitive gifts, harnessing divine energy to provide unparalleled psychic services and deliver messages based on love, freedom, and truth.


Tune into Divine Discussions every week to tap into your authentic power; dive deep into your connection with Source; and start living at your highest potential.

Divine Destini is not responsible for actions taken on any advice given during channeled sessions. 

It is up to the Free Will of each Client to choose the appropriate course of action. All responsibility falls back solely on the client. 

Destini reserves the right to refuse her services to anyone. 

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